Welcome to Z Glass, your complete partner for all things home, garden, and decor. We are fervently passionate about building, creating, and transforming living spaces, crafting atmospheres that embody the personalities of their homeowners while incorporating every element of style and function.

Our Story

Z Glass was founded in 2021 out of sheer passion for creativity and innovation in the home and garden improvement realm. Despite being relatively new to the scene, we’ve already gathered an impressive team of nine individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship in diverse areas of home, garden and décor. We are inwardly joyous about the array of ideas and tendencies we can bring to the table—a testament to our collective expertise.

Our Services

We specialize in a wide range of areas, designing services to help you every step of the way, from inspiration and advice to implementation.

  1. Furniture Selection and Placement

    Our team of experts guides you through the entire process of choosing the right furniture that complements your space, lifestyle, and budget. We also assist in designing the layout of your furniture, ensuring your room feels balanced, harmonious, and suits your functional needs.

  2. Decorating Advice

    Creating a space that mirrors your personality can be daunting. Our team is here to oversee this process, offering advice on choosing the perfect colour schemes, textures, and decorative pieces that sing in tune with your personal style and overall home aesthetic.

  3. Garden and Outdoor Spaces

    Beyond the interior, we believe that a home’s exterior and outdoor spaces define your happiness as much as the interior does. Our experts provide advice on gardening, creating outdoor spaces that aren’t just pleasing to the eyes but also environmentally sustainable.

  4. Home Design

    Our home design services cut across room layouts, space planning, renovating spaces, and interior architecture. From kitchens to bathrooms and living rooms, we ensure every corner of your home brims with beauty and practicality.

  5. DIY Guidance

    Get expert guidance on original DIY projects that add personal touches to your spaces. We help you realise your home décor dreams with practical tips, advice, and step-by-step guides for DIY initiatives.

Our Promise

At Z Glass, we work with integrity and commitment, ensuring that our advice, designs, and services strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, function, and your unique personal style. We strive to exceed your expectations, transforming your spaces into cosy havens you’ll be proud to call home.

Every idea, every project, and every interaction is an opportunity for us to learn, grow, and create magic together. Join us on this thrilling journey to create a home that’s uniquely you. Let’s dream, design, and create together.